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Job-tested expertise on the industry's most complex wells-that's what makes us uniquely suited for your next project. We offer safe, efficient, and high-quality hydraulic fracturing, cementing, acidizing, and nitrogen services. With an average experience of 7 years, we are fully equipped to handle jobs both large and small. Quasar Energy Services, Inc has multiple yards and can service a wide area from the Permian Basin and Mid-Con Barnett Shale regions to the Anadarko and Arkoma basins.

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35,000+ Cementing jobs done since 2008 with an average on time rate of 99%.


We offer a wide variety of cementing services from setting surface, intermediate and production casing, reworking of existing well with a liner, or squeeze to plugging wells.

With two brand new cement labs, in addition to third part support labs for verification, Quasar Energy Services has engineers on staff with cement modeling ECD capabilities as well as foamed cementing modeling and pumping. We create cement blends and slurry systems that are designed to deliver above industry standards on successful bond logs. Our 17 cementing crews, with an average of 8 years of experience, have 100% successfully completed cement jobs without equipment failure since 2012. With multiple yards in both Texas and Oklahoma, we are able to service everything from the Permian, Mid-Con, Barnett, Oklahoma, Eastern New Mexico and Southern Kansas regions.


Quasar Energy Services, Inc. offers acidizing services that are second to none. Our properly maintained fleet of acid equipment ensures we are continuously job ready every day.

Safety is at our core, and we perform acidizing with an outstanding safety record. We are a member of ISNetworld, PEC Safety, and all employees are certified in Safeland to foster safer work environments. Each of our highly experienced crews offer an average of 9 years of acidizing experience. Our fleet of high pressure acidizing equipment includes pump trailers that can deliver working pressure up to 1,000 hhp.

We aim to bring you a quality economical alternative to major service providers, while having the ability to perform a range of services from the smallest of treatments to large complex jobs.


Quasar Energy Services focuses on offering safe, efficient, an high-quality hydraulic fracturing to optimize field development and improve production. We have a 120,000 frac horsepower that can be divided into 5 separate fleets, with no equipment failure down time on location recorded in 2018. At Quasar, as a courtesy to our customers, we also complete a full chemical disclosure for each fracturing job,which can be uploaded directly to their FracFocus account ready for submission.

We perform all kind of fracs specializing in:

  • Gelled Oil Fracs
  • Co2 Fracs
  • Foam Fracs
Type of nitrogen service quasar energy services, inc. provides:
  • Nitrogen
  • Foam - Acid
  • Foam - Frac
  • Nitrogen - Cement


Our experienced oil field service team provides nitrogen services for completion applications. Quasar Energy Services, Inc. can provide 6 nitrogen pumpers capable of up to 60,000 S.C.F. per minute in safest, most cost-efficient manner.

Quasar energy services, Inc. Nitrogen Services Can Improve Practically Every Aspect of Well Including:


Helps bring in a well without swabbing, both reducing completion time and minimizing lost swab and blowout problems.

Pressure Testing

Helps reveal leaks at half the time normally required for hydrostatic pressure testing.


Helps speed treating fluid recovery, reducing rig time and improving results. Nitrogen also can generate fracturing and acid foams, techniques where Quasar Energy Services, Inc. paces the industry in research and practical applications.

Coiled Tubing Services

Aids in acid spotting, well cleanout, chemical placement, perforating, and squeeze cementing operations.


Helps overcome lost circulation problems by aerating the mud column.

Drill Stem Testing

Helps provide better control of unknown formation characteristics and improve test accuracy.

Lost Circulation Control

Reduces mud weight to help reduce losses.

Recently added to the Quasar team is Kit Watson. Kit has extensive experience in the Nitrogen Service. Kit is responsible for seeking new business relationships as well as maintaining current relationships. He will schedule and coordinate any incoming or possible jobs with our service department. Quasar can provide a customized procedure for each individual client.

If you need a team with experience who will give as much care and attention to your job as you would, then give us a call! We are ready and prepared to go to work!

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